Since we every have unique fitness goals

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Since we every have unique fitness goals

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The need to do a Timeshare cancellation arises in those instances where a Timeshare owner has signed a Timeshare contract and later realizes that the contract is not favorable or has terms which might be detrimental, or otherwise has second thought on the purpose and benefits of the contract. All these scenarios where the Timeshare owner has regrets and wants to cancel the Timeshare contract are referred to as buyer’s remorse.

In cases where there is buyer’s remorse and the Timeshare owner wants to opt for Timeshare cancellation, then the process is as under:

- The Timeshare owner has to inform the Timeshare developer about the cancellation of the contract in writing.

- The details that need to be included in the letter of cancellation are as follows:

o The name of the Timeshare owner as it appears in the Timeshare Contract

o The address, phone number and email address of the Timeshare owner

o The name of the Timeshare developer

o The date of purchase of the Timeshare

o A statement that the contract is being rescinded.

- It is not mandatory to give the reasons for cancelling the Timeshare contract.

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