People are also known to concentrate heavily

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People are also known to concentrate heavily

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Even if you clean your prosthetic eye at home on schedule just as your doctor suggested to you, having it cleaned professionally is very important. Infants and children under three should be seen by their doctor every three months, children who are still over three but still young and growing should be seen every six to nine months, and older teenagers and adults should be seen once a year, at least. If problems with the prosthetic eye develop or there is a lot of discomfort or other problems, a person should be seen sooner than would be normal, no matter what his age.

Occasionally, maintenance is not enough and a person will need to repair or replace his artificial eye. With the cost of a prosthetic eye averaging a couple thousand dollars, it s much better to take care of the eye and only replace it when necessary ? usually every three to five years ? especially if you don t have insurance to cover the cost. Even with good insurance Wholesale Nicolas Hague Jersey , a written prescription is usually needed from an ocularist or other doctor who is licensed to deal with prosthetic eyes before insurance will pay for a replacement.
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