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Do you feel like you’re losing control of your vehicle as you head down the road? If your car needs a wheel alignment , it could be the cause of an accident! The correct wheel alignment affects the ride and handling of your vehicle. Your car should track straight and true on a level road, unless there are other
issues causing steering problems.

A car alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. A correct wheel alignment helps to minimize excessive wear and tear on your tires, saving you money in the long run with longer-lasting tires. If your car has a mind of its
own (swerving all over the road), ask your car alignment technician to check for a lost wheel alignment.

A car alignment service should typically include:

> A test drive at the start of the alignment service,
> The front end and steering linkage checked for excessive wear,
> The tires checked for excessive camber wear (caused by the tires making only partial contact with the road). All four tires should have even wear patterns.
> Checking other components that could cause steering problems, such as poor tires, failing brakes, or faulty power steering, and
> A test drive at the end of the alignment service.

Tip to Remember: Most drivers know their vehicle well enough to recognize a wheel alignment problem. If you are experiencing steering problems, schedule an inspection and repair with a car alignment technician as soon as possible to prevent further possible damage to other components of your vehicle.

Wondering about a needed wheel alignment? Our professionals can help keep you on track. Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Rum River Automotive by calling (763) 389-3811, or go on-line at http:www.rumriverauto for more information about a car alignment problem. Since 1997 , our auto shop has served vehicle owners in Princeton, MN and in the surrounding areas of Milaca and Zimmerman, MN. Georgetown University is playing intercollegiate basketball from the 1906 1907 seasons. The Georgetown University Men s Basketball team is a sports teams at Georgetown University, is named the Georgetown Hoyas is a famous basketball program in the NCAA Big East. Georgetown s first intercollegiate men s basketball team was found in 1907. The Hoyas have been well concerned not only for their team success, but also for their aptitude to originate players that after the graduation succeed on the court.

The team was gone to the NCAA Tournament Final Four 5 times and has won the Big East Men s Basketball Tournament 7 times, also won the Big East regular season title 4 times. In 2007 they have a beautiful trip to the Final tournament championship. The Hoya is the most critical plant on the basketball court. But it wasn t ling in the same way. They won their first game over The University of Virginia 22 11, but afterwards they enjoyed very sporadic success.
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