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This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni s Rawkathon , which can be found at http:www.Rawkathon. In this excerpt, Viktoras Kulvinskas shares on research on the effects of enzymes from cancer to athletics and the healing power of raw food living.

Rawkathon with Viktoras Kulvinskas. Viktoras Kulvininskas refers to himself as a Lithuanian raw mystic. He is an author and researcher interested in life foods and living nutrition.

Kevin: So lets talk about enzymes specifically. What I like about your work is that you have done so much research, and I think that one of the things in the living food community is that the research, in some cases, havent caught up to the theories.

Viktoras: Thats right.

Kevin: So lets talk a little bit about enzymes and some of the research that actually says, Hey. This is something that is very important and is something that we should be considering for everyone in terms of getting to better health.

Viktoras: Dr. Howells classic works, which are good reference, though more current books like Enzymes: The Fountain of Life by three physicians and one PhD Miehlke, Lopez, and Williams, has over 300 current references, it was published in 1994. It clearly indicates, not only does it support the digestive functions, but also, at the same time, it is able to meander successfully across the gastro intestinal membrane, 30 80 , depending on the potencies. If it s taken in between meals , especially, the more detoxified you are, the higher volume of transmission and absorption into the internal environment, blood stream. Now, it can act in the same capacity like the environmentally friendly Drano that you pour down the pipes, which is made out of enzymes and bacteria and dissolves the fat, grease, starch, protein fragments and opens up the plumbing.

So like Dr. Max Wolf, as an example, from Fordham University, he took enzymes and he pioneered the enzyme extract out of animal origin. Primarily, the Orientals pioneered, which we ended up connecting with plant based enzymes but initial work in the Western world was done with animal extracts. Max Wolf, who had good relationship, he was so excited about my book that he was ready to do an introduction until he saw the illustrations. He says, I would be the laughing stock of my industry to endorse this book! So he never got around to it.

But Max Wolf, his research and published at Fordham University , in medical journals, was basically showing practically 95 success with cardiovascular diseases. Cleaning up and getting you out of the zone and that includes diabetes. Enzymatic saturation, with meals and in between meals, even without dietary lifestyle upgrade, you re getting results. In other words, initially, for the first 5 10 years, if you do enzymatic treatments especially with probiotics and a good herbal laxative at bedtime and products like blue green algae, you can practically reverse most diseases. We published a paper. We pre published a paper with the University of Illinois Medical School, which was entitled 200 Cases of Incurables Treated Successfully with Superfoods. In other words, very effective. More synergistic combination of the whole system, though, isolated with enzymatic therapists like Dr. Chen Po Kim [sp]. He treated successfully all forms of cancer with 79 success, published again in medical journals. Many doctors have used it and there is usually about a hundred ongoing clinical studies. You can just Google up on the Internet, have access to all these medical research nowadays. All you do is put in plant based enzymes plus healing and you ll start seeing...
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