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Since the ancient Greek and Chinese civilisations Thomas Vermaelen Belgium Jersey , the best artists have worked with bronze; developing sculpting techniques and refining their art to depict, recreate and imagine the world around them.

As a material, bronze is far stronger than other traditionally used artistic mediums - like stone and marble - and as such is capable of achieving much more expressive poses. With bronze particularly suited to the depiction of the human form, it seems then, entirely natural that it should lend itself well to accurate, expressive and emotive interpretations of dance.

The bronze figurines of Tom Merrifield

Ballet dancer-turned -artist and bronze sculptor, Tom Merrifield is a unique and talented artist. Drawing from his background as a dancer, Tom takes the beauty of movement, posture and energy and distils them into carefully crafted beautiful bronze figurines.

Extracting from a single ballet pose the underling feeling and energy, Tom's bronze figurines take on a life of their own Thomas Meunier Belgium Jersey , and attempt to capture the essence of ballet, its grace and its artistic potential.

Movement and feeling

With a subtle delicacy which depicts the full, artistic range of movement and hints at a deeper understanding of human emotion, Tom breathes life into his bronze figurines, capturing the various artistic, kinetic poses in extremely fine detail.

Tom's work is internationally recognised, and his sculptures have found a place in many public spaces throughout the world.

Continually evolving as an artist, Tom's talent has also moved him to work in other mediums, and as well as his bronze figurines, Tom also find expression in drawing and painting Thibaut Courtois Belgium Jersey , and has produced many prints.

To find out more about the bronze figurines from Tom Merrifield, visit his website online. See Tom's extensive online print and sculpture galleries and see the range of expressive mediums he has successfully mastered. Reasons To Treat Your Child To A Second Language With A Unique Foreign Language DVD Set Reasons To Treat Your Child To A Second Language With A Unique Foreign Language DVD Set July 4, 2013 | Author: Allan Bigarda | Posted in Education
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