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Desmond Trufant Jersey

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Why mentoring? Why dont you just learn how to play golf by reading a magazine? Why dont you go to a library to learn how to play golf? Why on earth would anybody pay Butch Harmon or Hank Haney $2 Devonta Freeman Jersey ,000.00 an hour, and often much more than that and spend multiple hours, day after day with them to learn one simple concept to improve their swing? Because their instruction has the corresponding value! In fact, their instruction translates into millions of dollars for some of their students, and the only real opportunity for lower scores for their amateur students. These professionals have the crucially important information that you cant get from reading a magazine or going to the library, or by trying to do it on your own.

The exact same thing is true in the business world. Most who think its better to go to the library or do a Google search for millionaire insight will first of all, never go to the library, and second of all, theyll be hugely disappointed in what they find from the results of that reading. Virtually all published materials about success are from professional authors and speakers. They made and make their money by writing and speaking - selling their books, audios, and DVDS. Most are very good at their craft. But while they and their materials are pretty entertaining they are also quite similar, predictable, and provide only short-term motivation. Rarely is the subject of the integration of the power of God in business discussed at all. Heres a fact: miss the genuine power of God in your life and your business, and youve missed everything and whether a person chooses to believe that last statement or not will determine how they live the rest of their life. Its unquestionably make or break.

What is much more powerful than going to the library (come on what a ludicrous assumption) is to find real people who are actually in other fields, other industries, other endeavors that have made millions by offering value through their service andor tangible products. These people have become successful, not by going to a library oh no. They became successful by struggling their buns off for years Devin Hester Jersey , and gaining experience that has not been recorded or published, other than on rare occasions. That experience is something you should know. And each person should pay a corresponding dollar amount for that value. Very real million dollar secrets not from authors and speakers, but from the mouths of the persons who lived their unique and amazing stories is priceless information that will change your life.

Many have gone bankrupt in the process of building their business, some multiple times. Their businesses were built by making mistake after mistake and yet, they tenaciously prevailed. Knowing their mistakes, knowing the pain, knowing the struggle, understanding what tenaciously prevailed really means along with THE CORRESPONDING LESSONS that resulted from those real-life experiences is a value beyond any measly 10K. Asking them questions, getting to know them, getting their business card, asking them about your particular situation, etc., is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to those who learn and dedicate themselves to patiently moving forward in their own enterprises.

Personal contact with millionaires alone (knowing them personally) is huge. Make no mistake why do you think people join country clubs that cost $150,000.00 just for the initial down payment and then pay monthly dues beginning at $1,000.00 a month? Ive got news for you. Its not all about the golf or the tennis. They do it because contact with people who hang out in that atmosphere is worth millions of dollars - period. There is a huge return on this carefully made investment that allows you to be connected with people who know how to make things happen. The fact is, they know things, concepts Desmond Trufant Jersey , strategies and people you dont know. These common millionaires deal in revenues and transactions that involve millions of dollars every week, every month, year in and year out.

Contrast that to an employee minded individual who would never spend money like that, nor do they understand any concepts that pertain to millions of dollars. It is not in their league. They are not resourceful enough to get the money in the first place, nor do they believe it would be worth it if they could. They dont understand and theyll always stay static in their current financial quandary because of their lack of understanding. They think they understand. They think they know all there is to know anyway. And they are almost always more than willing to demonize those who choose to risk their money, time, and commitment to build a business of their own. Theyll put down any person or company that says these millionaire concepts have value. Pretty amazing to me it is a broke, small-ball arrogance that shields them from transformational information and contacts.

Amateurs dont get it. They dont value the instruction from, and personal interaction with accomplished, successful people who are willing to give very real information filled with corresponding value that, when acted upon, can translate into bigger dollars. To talk to an avowed employee who has never had anything but a job about paying any money for entrepreneurial coaching is a waste of time. They simply dont get it, and unfortunately for them, their station in life will never change.
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