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Should you need to play through the group ahead of you , have some courtesy by asking for their permission first. However, before asking, do check if the next hole is vacant so that there will be enough space for you to pass through.

If and when permission is granted for you to play through the group ahead of you, make sure you finish the hole in the least amount of time possible, so that you can move onto the next hole immediately after that.

On the Teeing Ground

Do stand out of the golfer's line of sight as well as his peripheral vision so that he can concentrate fully as he prepares to take his swing. The best way is for you to stand behind the golfer and to remember to keep quiet as you do so.

On the Fairway

Avoid hitting too many divots, though some is acceptable. Moreover, try to put a few of the divots back in place by replacing and stepping on them into the hole.

Also, avoid spending too much time looking around for a golf ball that is lost. The golfers behind you might not enjoy being delayed. Should you lose a ball, and fail to locate it in a few minutes , just replace the golf ball with another.

On the Bunker

Do make use of the rake that is provided to clear off all marks made by you or your golf ball after you have taken your shot. Make sure you rake out all marks and footprints, and then leave the rake outside the bunker with the handle place parallel to the fairway.

On the Green

Do not step on any ball paths of the other golfers as this can affect the putt. What you should do is to walk behind the ball on its direction to the hole. Or you could step over the imaginary line between the ball and the hole.

Take time to repair any marks made by force of the ball which landed on the green. Your courteous ways will reflect your respect to the other golfers as you have left them with an unmarked green to play on.

It is important to place your ball back on the green before you pick up the ball marker. This will erase any doubts on other golfers as to whether or not you have positioned your ball in the proper manner.

On the Practice Grounds

Do remember to continue observing the general etiquette of playing golf as you would do on the golf course.

The rules or golf etiquette above are but a few of the good golfing practices that you can incorporate into your day at the golf course. These are basic common courtesies that are founded on mutual respect for one another's safety as well as having respect for a game that you love. By practicing these simple ways, you will have a greater and more pleasant golf experience with other golfers.
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