As an Official Pandora My Sweet Pets Charm Set UK

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As an Official Pandora My Sweet Pets Charm Set UK

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When I got my CNY charms, I knew I should start a red themed bracelet because red is a lucky color in China. So I had a Pandora friend help me get the red puzzle piece from Australia, it was never released in the US. Most people associate the puzzle pieces (there are three colors, red, yellow, and blue) with Autism Awareness as that’s their symbol. Fun fact, the reason why this As an Official Pandora My Sweet Pets Charm Set UK isn’t available in the US is because the puzzle piece is slightly different than the National Autism Society’s puzzle piece symbol – the one that’s available in other countries have two nobs, one on top and on the bottom, whereas, the symbol for the US has only a nob on top and is flat on the bottom.

And finally a Shop 2017 Newest Pandora Holiday Love Charm Set Sale fan posted an official-style photo of all 4 charms from the Chinese New Year exclusive set (silver and gold Fortune Bag, and silver and two-tone Dragon Dangle). The two-tone dragon looks so good! I don’t usually get two-tone pieces due to the costs but I might have to make an exception for the two-tone Dragon Dangle. He just looks so much better in gold!

I’m super excited, but I wish they made these easier to get :(. I’ve been trying to find someone in China to help me get some of these but it’s been tough going. I know Leann had spent a good part of yesterday calling around to friends and family to try and get a hookup. Has anyone else out there managed to score one? If so we’d love to hear about it in the replies/Facebook comments =!

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