Pass by refers to when ball players launch

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Pass by refers to when ball players launch

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Pass by refers to when ball players launch an attack, the distance of teammates around catching a ball. High value means short distance. That emphasis on short pass organization offensive; numerical medium, the computer fifa 17 coins according to the situation on the fifa 17 points account field, random designs teammates collusion distance; high value, the distance is long, that emphasis on long organization offensive.

Post moves refers to in position war in the post moves, ball holding players organized offensive, regardless of the ball at this time in our half or in the other half. Free: constantly intersperse moves, manufacturing empty; keep the post: the formation of the station shall prevail, not free to interspersed.

It is recommended that in the organization when the offensive post moves in the option set keep the post, if set free post moves, when you are in the side half of the ball ready to fight back, teammates actively interspersed cheap fifa 17 coins post moves, but because at this time the players catch the ball, not having the timing and location for the ball. The ball is easy to be to stole by the other party. It is easy to mistake. BY online now.. come here for more fifa 17 coins and more fut game fun!
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